Weightless in space
To replace, the avalanching aches
That come crashing down like waves
Hidden behind the shades, like a maze
With all freedom erased
Restricting you in every way
Like a plague, fades to black
The doors are closed no way back

Nothing left to do but distract
That’s a fact, I create by mental act
For my thoughts to get extract-ed
It takes focus like a magnet
Must attract it

Conflicting like political decisions
All one under vision
To work and die to feed them
The government, false leaders
Who control almost everything
Like having puppets on strings

For the lower class there’s no win
So it’s all sin and punishment
Who’s funding it?
Your stubbornness
To see the real truth
Unaware of their hold
Now question everything you do

Take a look behind
Don’t see your own reflection
Just a puzzle missing pieces
Eyes with no love in them
Another victim of this system
Killing each other
Blaming terrorism and religion

It’s all corrupted
Through media like television
You gave everything
They wanted to them
So their powers increasing
But not like respect though
Cause this is never within reason

Seasons hit fall
Tears hurricaning down
Like leaves in autumn
Resistance shortens
Like a fuse without a signal
So your stuck there in the middle
Just a riddle that doesn’t make sense

Decode the higher meaning
Like it was spiritually sent
Giving reason to believe
But met not even one saviour yet
A decent being made from flesh?
It’s a catastrophic mess
The race lying straight to your face
So many drowning I’m greed
People before money
This is all the world needs


About Amethyst Wilton

IT student from the Blue Mountains. I write poetry, lyrics, draw and paint.
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One Response to Deception

  1. This is a true reality of our country and our government. It is becoming more and more controlling and the people are giving up more and more freedoms. The media, as you mentioned, assists in creating a mass delusion to the public. There are few people who see the truth.
    There is blog on wordpress by Martin Armstrong that I think you would like.
    People before Money!! Love it!


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