The voices stare roaring in the lost
A destination not found

Trembling walls manipulate thoughts
Exposing windows forced by nature

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Swallowed whole

The deconstruction

Awaking vision

Lost in the subconscious


Close your mind

And open your eyes

No hands on the clock

Lost in time

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A garden of cement
Defaced, cold and rough
Where grazed bodies burn
In the park menaced by lust

Inclement and ruthless
Crumbling leaves swept aside
Awaiting your summer
No time left for goodbyes

Distracted by the roads
But do not want to take the path
A storm brought forward crashes
Silence reveals underneath the mask

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The Ocean

Crashing waves grow stronger and stronger as they pull deeper asunder. Eyes open but unable to see, burning and blind. A blurred vast blank canvas full with emptiness drifts violently into the White. In the silence your heartbeat echoes.

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Subsequent to the curved thin black line, a point of no return. Swarms of butterflies shatter like glass as the horizons of their wings collide. A new dawn blocked by the haze but iridescence shines through. Brick by brick the wall begins to grow blocking out the sun creating an eternal moonlight. Sailing through the flames the only direction is North. Fuelled by your ignorance and ignited by nature, the duties of Eleven must carry on. Although the heat rises, protected only by ice the shadows come over once again. Behind the bars only the third eye sees out, but there is no escape and you destroyed the only key. Locked in chains forever only the illusion walks free.

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You are the flower reaching towards the sun through a crack in the pavement.
You are the wolves at midnight howling at the moon.
You are the stars, the sea, the sky.
You are grass, the forest, the wind.
You are the winter, the ice, frozen hearts shattered into sharp pieces swallowed and ripping away from the inside out.
You are the summer, the flames, eternal chaos that burns away at everything acquainted to it turning flesh to ash and fading away like ghosts.
You are the lightning illuminating the dead streets by nightfall, the rain, the car without breaks.
You are the impact, the shattered glass, the leaking gasoline.
You are the match, the ignition, a new beginning.

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