Held tight but fading inside
An empty vessel
Your soul enters mine
All left behind
But the illusions of your mind
A riddled misconception
Every time I close my eyes

It’s nothing but a dream
Where there’s no concept of time
An infinity of space
Between one an another reality align
Hallowed the abyss
You are the eternal night
Cataleptic silhouettes
Through the darkness
Comes the light

Days are going backwards
There’s no future only now
If not one step ahead my demons
With their chains they pull me down

In a room expanding
As my reality is demanding
The situation I’m commanding
Is higher than the common understanding

But once I’m there
There’s no way back
Flames barricade the doors
Only a elevator
On the eleventh floor
I said it’s ever expanding
But I’m feeling claustrophobic
Bared on the bed of Martyrdom
The waves start to begin

Why was I chosen?


About Amethyst Wilton

IT student from the Blue Mountains. I write poetry, lyrics, draw and paint.
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