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Swallowed whole The deconstruction Awaking vision Lost in the subconscious   Close your mind And open your eyes No hands on the clock Lost in time Advertisements

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My New Website!

Please check out my new poetry website that also runs with wordpress as i have just purchased my own domain name. Please click on the link below and subscribe to my poetry! http://www.hailthefury.com Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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The Ocean

Crashing waves grow stronger and stronger as they pull deeper asunder. Eyes open but unable to see, burning and blind. A blurred vast blank canvas full with emptiness drifts violently into the White. In the silence your heartbeat echoes.

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You are the flower reaching towards the sun through a crack in the pavement. You are the wolves at midnight howling at the moon. You are the stars, the sea, the sky. You are grass, the forest, the wind. You … Continue reading

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A mistral breeze spread between the sand brings upon the midnight sun through the horizon. Hidden by shadows the darkness injects nightmares that mirror elevation trapped in your physicality. A rose immortal with petals torn away one by one in … Continue reading

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Sphinx and the Labyrinth

Distilled ambitions flow with rivers of fire melting away the walls that shadow sempiternally. Entranced by affliction that leads astray from the path the efflorescence of serendipity reaches towards the sun in an anfractuous journey through the mud of subconsciousness. … Continue reading

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Shadowless in the dark A dawn of crimson roses Enchaining with thorns Left with velvet bruises Vermillion mirrored walls Accompany dreams of culpability Behind the clouds there is no sun The flames of the ocean carry me

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