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The voices stare roaring in the lost A destination not found Trembling walls manipulate thoughts Exposing windows forced by nature Advertisements

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Sphinx and the Labyrinth

Distilled ambitions flow with rivers of fire melting away the walls that shadow sempiternally. Entranced by affliction that leads astray from the path the efflorescence of serendipity reaches towards the sun in an anfractuous journey through the mud of subconsciousness. … Continue reading

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There is a wall that i can’t knock down. A tall brick wall that i cannot see over. The wall waits patiently, always. I do not know what is on the other side and i stare at it for hours … Continue reading

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The rush that you provide The lust that is inside A war that ends with you As a gemini, split in two The door is open And the walls are shut The bars are up But your mind is not … Continue reading

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