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Subsequent to the curved thin black line, a point of no return. Swarms of butterflies shatter like glass as the horizons of their wings collide. A new dawn blocked by the haze but iridescence shines through. Brick by brick the … Continue reading

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A mistral breeze spread between the sand brings upon the midnight sun through the horizon. Hidden by shadows the darkness injects nightmares that mirror elevation trapped in your physicality. A rose immortal with petals torn away one by one in … Continue reading

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Sphinx and the Labyrinth

Distilled ambitions flow with rivers of fire melting away the walls that shadow sempiternally. Entranced by affliction that leads astray from the path the efflorescence of serendipity reaches towards the sun in an anfractuous journey through the mud of subconsciousness. … Continue reading

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Shadowless in the dark A dawn of crimson roses Enchaining with thorns Left with velvet bruises Vermillion mirrored walls Accompany dreams of culpability Behind the clouds there is no sun The flames of the ocean carry me

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Crushed, separated Release the white light Dissolving, intakes Soon distances beyond Steps on the path but astray Euphoria is placid, dull, opaque Lost in violence you then awake Butterfly’s of guilt shutter parallel shades

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