My words re-articulate
This state of art
Easy to slip in this game
So you gotta play it smart
Like your hand in poker
Learn when to fold
I’m the dealer at this table
While this story’s getting told
And I don’t need no dedication
All i need is inspiration
For my lyrical creations
Causing mad illuminations

Your realitys outdated
Like 9/11 evidence
Fuck the press conference
Burn the shit
While their smoking a spliff
Getting rich
Telling the world their lies
Hidden in a disguise
Underground masterminds
Playing tetris with the world economy
Taking your money
Like a game of monopoly
City’s becoming erased
Drinking whiskey with no chase
Fuck your determination
The worlds salvation
Fuck political leaders
Worthless preachers
Like trying to teach mathematics
To crack addicts
Magicians with no magic
No pulling rabbts out of hats
But media is persuasive
Constantly raising their stats

Minds so corrupted
Intelligence abducted
Poverty is erupting
The clock is counting down
But it’s all just numbers
Algabraic conductions
Like government party votes
Political leaders chosen by remote
Heavens so hard to find
And refugees confined
Rich seperated from the poor
So it’s hard not to answer
The devil knocking on your door
Time after time
You think society would learn
The evil running through their veins
Like chemically in Iraq it burns

About Amethyst Wilton

IT student from the Blue Mountains. I write poetry, lyrics, draw and paint.
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