There is a wall that i can’t knock down. A tall brick wall that i cannot see over. The wall waits patiently, always. I do not know what is on the other side and i stare at it for hours but nothing changes. Others cannot see the wall so others do not beleive. The foundations of this wall, forever recede. It blocks out the sun, the trees, the flowers, the ocean and your smile. As the bricks fade away i feel them inside me, weighing down my soul and eternity it slows. I try to run, to run far away but it is always with me. In the darkness i see it’s cold, bare stale reflection as it transcends into a cage, a prison surrounded by bars with my limbs pinned down, motionless.

About Amethyst Wilton

IT student from the Blue Mountains. I write poetry, lyrics, draw and paint.
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